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Start Offering a DFY Local Blog Service (in 20 Lucrative Offline Niches) with this NEVER Seen Before, Agency-Grade, "Local Lead-Blog" Business Bundle..
Land Recurring Clients for Easy Services
(Built-In Blog Features do ALL The Work)..
Install Professional Business Blogs (w/ Lead Capture)
In Only Minutes w/Powerful Auto Build Features
Not Seen Before; Pro-Agency Style, Auto Content Generating, Lead Sucking,
SEO Optimized, Video Enabled, DFY Business Blogs.
Visually Stimulating, Proven Click Magnet Design (Interactive Animated Visuals Sucks Clicks In)

Hey Nick Mancuso here, welcome to Offline Lead Themes Volume 3…

Just a little about me, I've been working with clients of all sizes, corporate and local for well over 20 years.. You may have seen me releasing products in this market-space for the last 10+ years.. The products we put together are from my experience in the trenches listening to the needs and wants of clients..

Our goal has always been to bring you products designed to 1) Help the businesses you'll use them on Add to their Bottom Line.. and 2) Help You (the consultant) to Generate More Revenue from More Clients on a More Consistent Basis..

That being said, one of the most requested services we've seen recently from clients of all sizes is help with setting up a Business Blog... It only makes sense, Business Owners look for the Best Bang For The Buck and with one simple blog you could Enhance Social Marketing, Branding, Engagement, Lead Generation, SEO Status and Market Place Authority to name a few..

For the consultant it gives you a Tangible Service to provide (which is always easier to get paid on), and provides you a service you could Charge Monthly for as well.. And you could feel good about providing a service that will add to your Client's Bottom Line..

So what we're providing here is a turn-key business blogging service you could plug in to any of these 20 popular (marketing minded) niches, and start charging them This Week.. All while doing as little work as possible on your end..

PS: We thought about releasing 10 (which is a solid value in itself) and holding 10 for another sale.. But we went a little crazy and We're Giving You ALL TWENTY On The Front End!! Take a Look at this Mega Value of an Instant Business Blogging Service;
Use these 20 Custom Designed, Auto-Curation, Lead Pulling,
Modern Style Blogs to save you 100s of Hours and $1000s of Dollars
when you offer one of the most powerful business web services of 2020
Full Agency Usage Rights Included Now
Act Now and get the ability to use this software for UNLIMITED Clients..

icon-01 20 Hot Local Industry
Niche Blogs

icon-02Essential Plugins Installed and Configured
icon-03Content Curation Option Included and Configured
icon-04Ready and Configured for SEO
icon-05Video with Opt-in Header Enabled
icon-06Easy Install in Just a Few Steps
icon-07Add any Opt-in Code of your Choice
icon-08XML Sitemaps Ready for Google Indexing
icon-09Interactive, Visual Design, Fully Responsive
icon-10No Need to Find Expensive Designers
icon-11Don't Have to Spend Hours on Content Research
icon-12No Need to Worry About SEO Configurations
Install These Business Blogs in Minutes
Set it Up Once get paid for Months
  • Add Current Content in Minutes
  • SEO Optimize In Minutes
  • Attach Opt-in to Any AR
You’re ready to collect monthly payments!
Your instant Biz-Blog Service for
20 High-Spending Niches Desperate
for a Proven Local Marketing Advantage...
Auto-Content Curation, Lead Generation,Click Magnets. Using the Proven, High-Impact,Digital Strategy of Local Business Blogging..

Local Blog Services are on the Rise

Accomplish So Much in One Fell Swoop, Touted as the Best Return On Time & Investment..

Local Blogs Incorporate All The Elements of Proven Successful online marketing..
Cover All these Benefits In ONE SERVICE..
  • SEO: Easy to Rank for Local Industry Keywords
  • SocialInfluence: Generate Sharable Content
  • Fresh Content:Build Relevance, Authority and Brand
  • Site Traffic:Linkback to the business website..
  • Lead Capture: Blogs Will get More Traffic w/ our built-in Opt-in...
  • It’s easy to grow any business’ contact list..
  • Video Content: It's Proven Video Gets Higher Engagement
  • Mobile: Use QR Codes to Take Traffic to Blog Content..
Leads you to Offering Additional Services like:
  • List Management Services
  • Content Services / Newsletter etc
  • Video Services (Power Content for Blogs)
  • Social Marketing Services
  • SEO Services
  • And more...

Introducing: LOCAL LEAD THEMES v3

TWENTY (20) DFY Blogs, Agency Style, Click Pulling, with Opt-in Forms, Auto-Content-Generation, Video Enabled Headers with Content Thumbnail Animations that Invite Clicks
(Click on the images to view a live demo of each blog)
Auto Detailing
Bankruptcy Attorney
Catering Company
Divorce Attorney
Gold Buyers
Stonescape Contractor
Home Improvement
Home Inspector
Life Insurance
Martial Arts For Kids
Mortgage Broker
Moving Company
Pet Training
Physical Therapist
Pool Care Specialist
Travel Agency

Your business blog creation troubles solved..

The easiest way to Start Your Own Local Blog Installation Service (Content Curation Built-In)..
  • No Paying Expensive Web Designers
  • No Need to Spend Hours On Content
  • No Need to Fuss with SEO Configuration

Take a Look at What's Included!

  • Image/Video/Slider with Opt-in Header
  • Content Curation
  • Multiple Layout Options
  • Essential Plugins
  • Add any Opt-in Code
  • Niche Based Contact Forms
  • Multiple Ad Spots
  • Legal Pages
  • GDPR Enabled
  • Social Links
  • Store Page
  • Ready for SEO
  • Easy to Install (Training Included)
...and a lot more!

Top Business Boosting Recommendation By All Major Marketing Resources..



Install These Valuable DFY Web Properties in a Few Clicks:
  • Offer Local Business Blogs
  • Rank and Rent Services
  • Use for your own lead gen
  • Provide w/ Social Services
  • Provide with Video Services
  • Offer Lead Generation Blogs

Each Blog Has Agency-Grade Features..

With Power Plugins
Essential plugins for Spam Control, Backup Management, Sitemaps, SEO, Site Security, etc. All set up and configured

Responsive Layout
Works on multiple devices, Enhance SEO & Expand Exposure

Content Curation
Curate Current, Niche Related, Content in Just Minutes
Niche Based Contact Forms
3 Options for Opt-In / Contact For Works for Any Client's Needs

Legal Pages
FOUR Legal Pages Included with content, tailored for your blog
GDPR Setting
Comply with the Latest Requirements In a Location

Smart Businesses and High-Ticket Media Agencies Understand The Proven Power of Having a Business Blog:

Blogs are an "Outreach Vehicle" for Any Business.. Build a Brand, Grow Social Traffic, Provide Authority Content, Field Questions, Enhance Engagement, Capture Leads, Take Advantage of the Latest SEO Algorithms and more..

But Unfortunately the top reason most businesses never start (or try and stop) blogging, is a Lack of Consistent Quality Content.. That’s where your local blog services could come in and offer a proven way to truly help these local businesses.. while putting in minimal effort on your part

Save / Make Thousands Offering These Services..

Below is the Real World Value to have a Blogging Service Outsourced

Full Agency Usage Rights Included Now
Act Now and get the ability to use this software for UNLIMITED Clients..


Bonus 1: 500+ Top Blog Feed Sources
25 feed sources per niche, use for curation

Ebook, Video Tutorial - Includes Resell Rights

Bonus 3: Web Traffic Excellence - 5 MP4s (w/ Resell Rights)
Learn How to Generate a Huge Array of Traffic to Your Site

Let's Recap ALL That You Get!
  • 20 Authority Niche Blogs with Content Curation Included
  • 2 Agency Blogs DFY to Sell These Services
  • 500+ Top Blog Feed Source Links
  • Tiktok Marketing - Video Tutorials (w/ Resell Rights)
  • Web Traffic Excellence - Video Tutorials (w/ Resell Rights)
Real World Value of Over $2000
Full Agency Usage Rights Included Now
Act Now and get the ability to use this software for UNLIMITED Clients..
Common Questions Our Customers Ask
  • Can I use this for unlimited clients?
There is NO separate offer for a Personal License or a Commercial license during this limited Launch Special. There are no recurring fees and it’s a one-time price (right now).
  • Is there a money back guarantee / What is your refund policy?
We have invested much time and money into this content, and because it’s essentially a digital download, all sales are final. That’s why we made the sales page detailed so you know exactly what you're getting. If you do find problems using this product, please raise a ticket with our support desk.
  • What are my rights with the images used?
The images have been obtained from public domain websites and websites offering creative commons licenses. Attributions have been provided where needed either in the corresponding article or in the disclaimer section. You can use the images as part of the blog.
  • Do you offer an installation service?
We provide a limited time blog installation service. At a very reasonable price..Please refer to the Custom Install option within the Member's area.
  • Where are my bonuses?
You will find the bonuses within the Members area under "Bonuses". We have assembled a massive set of bonuses that will help you be even more profitable in your marketing efforts.
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